About AmbassaCare

AmbassaCare has a mission to transform the patient experience by standing with our clients as they navigate the healthcare system. We have a driving passion to act as Ambassadors for clients while they deal with serious or worsening illness. The pace of medical offices is sometimes hectic; physicians, nurses, and medical staff often lack the time to provide extended visits to their patients. Patients can feel confused, left with unanswered questions, and a sinking feeling that they are just another box to check off on the physician’s chart.

Ambassadors ensure that clients have a clear understanding of their options, empower them to ask better questions of their healthcare providers, and enable them to be in control of their medical treatment, leading to more satisfying outcomes for patients and their families.


AmbassaCare CEO, Julia Pinckney, is a native Charlestonian and College of Charleston graduate. Following a cancer diagnosis and treatment, she realized that patient advocacy is her passion. After much consideration, she left a 20-year career in healthcare to found AmbassaCare. Julia is devoted to ensuring that AmbassaCare’s clients receive the level of clear understanding that is critical during any medical visit, and especially during a healthcare crisis.

The Why

Unbelievable Timing

AmbassaCare founder and CEO Julia Pinckney and her father had cancer at the same time. This photo is of them celebrating their birthdays just after chemo ended in 2017.

Opposite Experiences

His experience was stellar. Hers was horrible. He felt confident every step of the way while she felt unimportant, unintelligent and often like she was on a production line.

The difference? Julia had trusted friends with her at appointments, and they would write down what the doctor said verbatim. When the family had questions, they could only regurgitate what was written.

Her father had a trusted friend with him at every healthcare visit. That friend was a medical professional who could optimize his time with the doctor and answer questions in a detailed manner after the visit.

Unanticipated Outcome

They were both were successful in their treatments.

Julia founded AmbassaCare as a result of their journeys and an effort to ensure our clients have the level of clear understanding that is critical during healthcare visits.

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