About AmbassaCare

AmbassaCare has a mission to transform the patient experience by standing with our clients as they navigate the healthcare system. We have a driving passion to act as Ambassadors for clients while they deal with serious or worsening illness. The pace of medical offices is sometimes hectic; physicians, nurses, and medical staff often lack the time to provide extended visits to their patients. Patients can feel confused, left with unanswered questions, and a sinking feeling that they are just another box to check off on the physician’s chart.

Ambassadors ensure that clients have a clear understanding of their options, empower them to ask better questions of their healthcare providers, and enable them to be in control of their medical treatment, leading to more satisfying outcomes for patients and their families.

Our Team


AmbassaCare CEO, Julia Pinckney, is a native Charlestonian and College of Charleston graduate. Following a cancer diagnosis and treatment, she realized that patient advocacy is her passion. After much consideration, she left a 20-year career in healthcare to found AmbassaCare. Julia is devoted to ensuring that AmbassaCare’s clients receive the level of clear understanding that is critical during any medical visit, and especially during a healthcare crisis.

Jana Davis

Jana Davis, RD, CDE

Jana Davis is a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator with over 28 years of experience in the field. She loves teaching clients how to use the right foods as a vital component of their health care plan. Her goal is to help someone achieve better health by getting to the core of the problem that is contributing to disease. Jana has an undergraduate degree from Clemson University in Food Science and a master’s degree in Foods and Nutrition from Florida State University.

Dana Greco

Dana Greco, RN, BSN

Dana Greco is a Registered Nurse, BSN with a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition. She has over 10 years nursing experience. She began her career at Englewood hospital in NJ specializing in orthopedic and gastroenterology surgeries. Working with patients as they navigate and find improved outcomes from the healthcare system feels like a higher calling. Her desire to continue to advocate for patients in the community has grown into a passion. She is a graduate of University Medicine and Dentistry in NJ.

JoAnn Greco

JoAnn Greco, RN, BSN

JoAnn Greco is a registered nurse, BSN with over 30 years of experience. Her career has been in Adult Care, Hospice, Home Care and Maternal Child Health. She has been a patient advocate for her patients for over 30 years by guiding them with skill, education, and support. She has guided patients at home, in nursing facilities, in assisted living facilities, and in a hospital setting. She enjoys finding the best options for her patients to get back to a healthy and happy life. JoAnn is a graduate of Felician College and University of Phoenix.

Lynn McCall

Lynn McCall, LISW-CP

Lynn McCall is a licensed clinical social worker with over 35 years of experience in the areas of home care, Hospice and hospital social work. Throughout her career, she has acted as an advocate for clients in the areas of accessing health care, navigating Medicare and private health insurance, obtaining financial stability, securing needed community resources and achieving social and emotional well-being. Lynn obtained her undergraduate degree in Sociology from UNC-Chapel Hill and master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Tennessee.

Christine Maxwell

Christine Maxwell, RD, LDN

Christine Maxwell has served as a registered dietitian for the past 25 years. Over the course of her career, she has shared her nutrition expertise in all areas of health as a food enthusiast, diabetic educator, lactation consultant, personal trainer, and mother of four. She is passionate about getting to know every client so she can individualize her approach. She empowers clients to choose optimal nutritious foods that will make them feel good from the inside out. Helping food taste and appear more appealing, choosing the most nutrient-dense foods, and guiding caregivers through shopping and preparing meals are all key tools she shares with her clients. Christine is enthusiastic about taking the stress out of meals, so you can focus on knowing that the foods you choose are truly healing, restoring and nourishing for both body and soul.

Sara Williams

Sara Williams, RN

Sara Williams is a registered nurse with past national certification, Duquesne University certified paralegal and former Legal Nurse Consultant. Professional positions include pediatric ICU nurse, adult medicine clinical coordinator, head nurse at a pediatric hospital, community educator of Lamaze and breastfeeding, director of nursing at an assisted living and a skilled nursing facility, clinical director at a home health agency, hospice primary care nurse and clinical director of hospice, and a Medicare case manager and analyst.

Brianna Hill, RN, BSN

Brianna Hill is a registered nurse with over six years of nursing experience. She began her career at MUSC as an orthopedic-trauma nurse, working with a wide variety of patients. She later specialized in Labor & Delivery at MUSC. She has most recently served as a travel nurse working in over six different states across the country. Brianna is passionate about helping others and getting them the care they need. Brianna graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina School of Nursing. She enjoys talking to others, helping people, and being a mom to her little ones.

The Why

Unbelievable Timing

AmbassaCare founder and CEO Julia Pinckney and her father had cancer at the same time. This photo is of them celebrating their birthdays just after chemo ended in 2017.

Opposite Experiences

His experience was stellar. Hers was horrible. He felt confident every step of the way while she felt unimportant, unintelligent and often like she was on a production line.

The difference? Julia had trusted friends with her at appointments, and they would write down what the doctor said verbatim. When the family had questions, they could only regurgitate what was written.

Her father had a trusted friend with him at every healthcare visit. That friend was a medical professional who could optimize his time with the doctor and answer questions in a detailed manner after the visit.

Unanticipated Outcome

They were both were successful in their treatments.

Julia founded AmbassaCare as a result of their journeys and an effort to ensure our clients have the level of clear understanding that is critical during healthcare visits.

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