AmbassaCare Services

Personal Healthcare Ambassador

Personal Healthcare Ambassador

Your AmbassaCare Ambassador works for you, helping you navigate physician visits and the healthcare system. We expertly match you with a medical professional to help you get the care and attention you deserve.

An AmbassaCare Ambassador can dramatically improve your experience at healthcare visits. Let one of our Ambassadors assist so you ask the questions that will give you the level of understanding you need from any healthcare visit.

All AmbassaCare Ambassadors are medical professionals with experience within the healthcare system. They possess a deep passion to stand with our clients ensuring they receive the best care possible.

A better patient experience starts here.


Insurance Assessment / Medical Bill Evaluation

Health benefit packages are confusing. Trying to navigate the complicated terms and rising out-of-pocket costs while dealing with pressures of a healthcare crisis can be an arduous task. Our experienced insurance specialists are skilled at evaluating medical bills, identifying errors and answering your questions. Their guidance will give you peace of mind and a clear understanding of your statements and policy.

Our health insurance Ambassadors will help you resolve discrepancies and work to lower your bills as much as possible. Transferring the tedious task of making sense of multiple medical bills gives you time to care for yourself or family member. AmbassaCare offers solutions so you can focus on your health.

Health Insurance Assessment Medical Bill Evaluation

Nutrition Services

Nutrition Services

Our registered dietitians will give you the knowledge and skills you need to meet your healthcare goals. We offer in-office consultation or home visits to educate and review your dietary needs. Our experienced dietitians will even accompany you to the grocery store. This has proven to be extremely helpful for our nutrition services clients! Our dietitians help you achieve a positive change in health through education and hands-on guidance.


AmbassaCare Services List

Personal Registered Nurse Ambassadors:

  • Organize and coordinate all your healthcare needs
  • Accompany to healthcare provider visits, as needed
  • Create monthly calendar and track appointments
  • Coordinate multiple physician visits
  • Organize medical bills/insurance
  • Provide support for client and family
Home Visit:

  • Medication review and organization
  • Bill organization and review
  • Insurance coverage assessment
  • In-home assessment for services needed
Comprehensive Health Insurance Assessment:

  • Type of plan, coverage and costs
  • Out-of-pocket expenses, deductions and co-pays
  • Necessity for referrals, when and how
  • Vision and Dental coverage, if any
  • Identify limitations and exclusions
  • Chronic illness coverage and caps
  • Drug Plan Assessment and costs
Research Qualified Facility Options:

  • Specific to treatment of diagnosis
  • Included in your insurance network
  • Full report of options, grading, contact information, address, and directions
Hospital Visit (provide in-person advocacy for client and family):

  • Act as an Ambassador between client/family and hospital staff
  • Assess and ensure quality of care
  • Active support for client and family
  • Provide explanation for understanding diagnosis and plan of care
Medical Bill Negotiation (organize and negotiate unpaid medical bills)


  • 25% of the savings negotiated for bills up to $5,000
  • 20% of the savings negotiated for bills above $5,000
Nutrition Services (full dietary assessment):

  • Extensive and personalized nutritional education
  • Personalized nutritional plan